whats hot on July?

Yea… feel sorry that this blog is no longer updated by me. its almost a month since i posted Pre Trip to Tidung Island. i was so busy and a little bit lazy (hey, its rhyme!).

yak, lets reviewing whats hot on July?

since i have twitter account and following some writers, hosts, singers and my friends, ive become an update girl. in twitter, everybody is feel free to tweet everything such as news, gossip or even something silly. many times, i’ve got the latest news is from twitter, not from TV or even newspaper.

when i change my bio on my twitter profile, there’s so many people that i didnt know before, following me. such an honor. im just an ordinary people who love to tweet, love to travel and love Japan.. hehehe.. hopefully, they dont disapointed. ^^Y

Ok folks, that is for now. i’m still creating my another blog. i will launched it as soon as possible.


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