Show Off, Me Style!

Got nothing to share in words.

Better show off some pictures of ME and my kerudung style.. hehe…

4 women with 4 different style
Bandung, 2012

3 women and a baby.
Ponyo Restaurant, 2012

me + ira at kondangan
Ujung Harapan Bekasi, 2012

me + mba mila. This is my daily style
Skenoo Exhibition Hall, 2012

used to be my favorite.
PPTK Gambung, 2011

traveling meet hijab
KLCC Park, 2012

stylish enough? :p
Masjid Al Haram, 2012

Let’s go!
Mecca Al Mukaramah, 2012

Show off!
International Embroidery Festival, 2012

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