partner in crime (college series)

These following photos are me with my partners in crime (college series). We are in the same majoring and class when in college. Omen, Agus, Acay and I were at environment biology mean while Yuda is at biology education.

I made an appointment with all friends, but only them could come. We met at Roemah Kopi, Dago on Sunday (sorry, i forgot the date). We giggled about everything; memories, future, present, love and of course life. They’re still the same, but in older version off course.. hahaha..

We love adventure, nature and travelling. Sancang, South Garut are our favorites. Omen, Agus and I was take Sancang as place of our thesis research and Acay was helping us. Still remember how we get there by mini bus called Darini and it was memorable!

To all my friends, environment biology and all Sancang genk, i miss you all!!

PS. I coudn’t find another photos. Could you please send it to me guys???

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