Umra Part 3 : Mecca Al Mukaromah, Masjid Al Haram, Kabah

We left Medina by bus at day 4. We did umra at this day. First stop Masjid Bir Ali, doing 2 rakaat shalat sunnah then we continue the journey by bus, say ihlal ihram and then talbiyah during Medina – Mecca. Medina – Mecca by bus is taking about 5 hours.

people with ihrom suits at Masjid Bir Ali

Masjid Bir Ali

Our bus

After we arrived at hotel, we continue umra. The first time i enter Masjid Al Haram, my body was shivering. I was crying when i saw the holy Kabah. I’m here!! Watch the greatest masjid, watch people from all over the world doing the same thing. I’m lucky yet grateful.

Number two in umra is doing thawaf, seven times go around Kabah.  I cannot take picture during thawaf coz i don’t feel to do it. I pray and pray, then i read my friend’s list. Oh my, so many list from my friend! 😀

Thawaf done, shalat around Maqam Ibrahim done, drink zam zam water done, then we go to Safa hill to do Sa’i. You see two green light at the wall? That’s the sign for male to trot between the green light.

People doing Sa’i

after umra

Umra finished after Sa’i and cut our hair (called Tahalul). We start umra at 11 PM and finished it 3 hours later. We’re so tired yet happy, cause our dream and hope to do umra is done.

people doing thawaf at Kabah (taken one day after)

our hotel at Mecca
Continue to day 6, pilgrimage trip. Visiting Jabal Tsur, Jabal Rahmah, Jabal Nur and then Muzdalifah and Mina. We will see places from hajj ritual. I’m so excited!

Umra Part 2, Medina Al Munawarroh


Let’s continue to part 2!

I’m arrived at Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Azis airport in Medina al Munawarroh at 5 AM. My flight was delayed about 10 hours from Jakarta.

airport bus

our plane


From the airport, we go straight to hotel, take some rest and then go shopping! 😀

Masjid Nabawi
“Khamsa Real.. Khamsa Real..”

flea market
my hotel at Medina

 At Medina, my hotel is soooooo close to Masjid Nabawi. So many stores near our hotel, restaurant, souvenir shop, supermarket and another hotels. I wont tell you how great is Masjid Nabawi, you can google it. The experiences in there was make me so thankful and also grateful. Lucky me!

Maqam Baqi

Masjid Quba

Fountain at Medina street

Date store

Me vs Pigeon 😀

These are places that you can found at Medina. Once, when you go there, you wont go back where you belong! Trust me! 🙂

Umra Part 1 Dessert Style

Labbaik allahuma labbaik..
I went to Tanah Haram doing umra in 1 – 9 May 2012. This post is part 1 for the whole trip.
I’d like to share my outfit during my trip. Hope this would be an inspiration for you, yes? 😀
Ps. i gain more weight during this trip. 😀
departure style, me, second from left
Hijab : from travel agent
White blouse : unbranded
Sleeveless tunic : designed by Rani
Stripe skirt : Up2date
Location : Randu Resto, Cengkareng
Hijab + inner : Square
White Gamis : Up2date
Black gamis (under white gamis) : Up2date
pants : Up2date
Sunglasses : Charles & Keith
Location : Masjid Al Haram, Mecca
Hijab + Inner : Square
Gamis Basic : Up2date (+)
Red Shoes : Bata
Bag : unbranded
Location : Camel farm : Mecca
Hijab : unbranded, gift from my boss
inner : Square
White Gamis : designed by Rani
Blue Stripe Gamis : Up2date
Shoes : Amanda Jane
Location : Masjid Quba, Medina
Hijab + Inner : Square
Gamis : Up2date (+)
Location : Masjid Nabawi, Medina
Hijab + inner : Square
Blue stripe Gamis : Up2date
Grey blouse : Up2date
Location : Jabal Al Rahmah, Arafah
Hijab : unbranded, gift from Yuda
inner : Square
Grey Gamis : Up2date (+)
White blouse : designed by Rani
Location : King Abdul Azis Airport, Jeddah